About Our Hair

Adore J’atore is the vital source for the finest Remy hair extensions.  Our signature product is Virgin Indian Hair, which is very carefully selected and picked from the BalaJee temple in the southern part of India.

Indian hair extensions and hair weaves are costly, so you owe it to yourself to only utilize the highest quality of Hair!

Pure Virgin Remy Indian  and Brazilian Hair is what we offer. Indian hair is highly sought after in the hair industry because of its flexibility, its natural durability, and its texture. The texture is so versatile it is used by a wide variety of ethnicities.

Adore J'atore Hair Collection specializes in  Virgin Remy Indian Hair which comes DIRECTLY from the donors of the temples in India. Virgin hair means that it has not been processed or chemically treated, and it is free of any hair colors or chemicals. Remy hair means that all of the cuticles are intact!

Well what does it mean for the cuticle to be intact and in the same direction? It means that you will not have the matting and tangling you get from store bought hair. If used properly and professionally, hair extensions may significantly change the way you look and give you the hair you've always dreamed of in no time. Our objective is to provide your hairstylist with the best possible tools in order to achieve this. You will never try another hair extension system after you've lived the Adore J'atore Hair Collection experience!

Adore J'atore Hair Collection uses the best hair in the world, 100% natural human hair exclusively from Indian temples and Donors from Brazil! We are proud of the documented fact that all proceeds received by the Temple for the hair which is donated freely and happily to them by the faithful is used to provide funding of schools, hospital and orphanages in Indian society.

Signature Products

Adore J’atore supplies the premier quality Remy Hair extensions.  Our signature product “Indian Hair” is 100% Virgin unprocessed hair.   We also sell  Brazilian Virgin Hair. Our hair comes in natural colors that range from dark brown to medium brown.  Our hair can be effortlessly colored and can be used with any style of your choice. Normally 2 bundles are required for weave depending on length and each bundle weighs 3.5 to 4 oz.

Virgin Indian Body Wave

Virgin Indian body wave hair is so versatile. Our customers LOVE this hair. This hair has a natural shine, full of life, has enormous body and bounce. Every time you move your head your hair will move with it. Not only that you can also style it as wavy and curly. All This hair is great for people who love straight hair but want to change the style up every now and then. Also keep in mind Virgin Body Wave hair is not bone straight like Asian hair. It will still have a hint of body wave to it.

Virgin Indian Wavy

If you really want to turn heads or make your ex jealous, this is the hair you need to buy. The waves are so deep you might get sea sick but that's OK! When you recover you will look like you just stepped off the front page of a magazine! You can straighten this hair and as well as curl it depending on your mood and style, but most women wear it natural because the hair is exceptionally beautiful!
For this hair we say…........Baby just Shake and go.......

 Virgin Indian Curly

The truth is that only 20% of the Indian population have curly hair and it is very rare to find raw unprocessed curly virgin cuticle hair. This hair is amazing and is high in demand because your curl lasts forever. However for Virgin Curly hair we do recommend you deep condition your hair at least 1 time every two weeks (can be done once a week as well). Virgin Curly is one of the most popular textures in hair industry. This hair sells out fast and Curls are a Girls bestfriend!

Brazilian Hair

This hair is like a precious diamond and  more expensive than any other hair! Brazilian hair is light, silky and lustrous in texture which is one of the reasons that it's the most popular type of hair extensions in the market. This hair is in very high demand because Virgin Brazilian Hair is the rarest quality hair in the world! We collect from villages all over South America and from individuals who live in rural areas hidden far away from big cities so we can guarantee its authenticity and virgin state not having been treated or sprayed with additives. The body is amazing and is to die for!