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I've been purchasing hair from Adore J'atore for 2+ years and this hair is the only hair I would recommend. When I decided to go blonde this spring, I knew this was the only hair I could trust. Not only did it lift to my desired blonde shade, but it remained healthy and soft. I'm more than satisfied with this brand! My last purchase has lasted 5 months plus, and I'm still counting. If your looking for "good hair", look no further!

Kind Regards,

Joy Clary
Execuhome Realty

I became an Unique Hair Experience customer in 2010. My hair was really damaged so I cut it off n turned to Que. She told me not only will she install the best Indian curly hair ever (Adore J'atore), but she guaranteed me that my hair would grow and be healthy! My first Adore J'atore hair 14in curly and I absolutely loved it! I kept it in for 3 months and I did not want to take it out, but when I did I seen my hair had grown more than what I ever seen in a short period. I started to get weave after weave, of course purchasing longer Adore J'atore Indian curly hair. Now I have 20in an I had it for a whole year now! I haven't found an Indian curly compatible to the kind Adore J'atore sells yet! I got what I paid for and more! Not only were my weaves marvelous, my real hair have grown so long that a weave is by choice for me now!. Que is very talented in what she do and she knows the quality of the Adore J'atore hair. It's about QUALITY not QUANTITY and I stand behind that because you can't put a price on something so everlasting, guaranteed, and marvelous!



I love my Adore J'atore extra curly Indian virgin hair, all I can say is soft Curls, curls, curls and more curls. And the owners customer service is impeccable, pick up some today!



I am so exciting bout my experience with Adore J'atore hair, I have gottin so many compliments on my hair it's unbelievable. I purchase this Indian wavy virgin hair for my wedding day and I'm in Love! I can do whatever with this hair or just do nothing at all an it still looks and feels great! So the only thing i can say, it is really worth the money when it comes to Adore J'atore hair! One more thing it is true in lenghth, because some hair is not true to lenghth so for Quality and excellent customer service,  I will be returning soon to try the other textures!
Mrs Harrod


When I got my Adore J'atore hair I received so many compliments on my hair, everyone loved it so much as well as I. I'm glad I purchased it, It was worth it, great quality!



I love using Adore J'atore Hair because of the variety hair line it has to offer. I am really please with the fullness of the hair and the fact that it does not shed like other hair I have tried in the past. During my 2 years of using Adore J'atore, I have worn my hair several different  ways an colored it many different times and it kept its texture every time. I will always remain a true customer of Adore J'atore Hair!



Adore J'atore hair is some of the best quality hair that I have ever experienced. I absolutely love how you can get more than one wear out of it. Adore J'atore hair is very durable and versatile which allows me to experiment with my hair and try various different styles. I recommend Adore J'atore hair to any woman that is interested in long lasting quality hair. With Adore J'atore Hair you will defiantly get your money's worth and with the proper care you will have long lasting luxurious hair. I love my Adore J'atore body wave hair and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Michone T.


I have worn ALOT of weaves and hair throughout my career for various photoshoots and outings. Adore J'atore hair was one of the few that I hadn't tried yet, so in March I decided to give it a try. The hair was so soft when I put it in, and was very much like real hair, I remember being out on a humid night and my curls dropped b/c I didn't have product in it and that was the true test for me. Even though it was not my hair from my actual scalp, it acts and responds in a fashion that most "human" or "authentic" hair won't! This hair is an investment, it's a lifestyle, and a cut above other companies that I have tried. I love the company, they respond promptly and answer all your questions and work hard to keep a good name for the hair and products! If you want an investment, Adore J'atore is the company...tell them London sent you!

London E.


In my line of work its important to look great at ALL TIMES! When you have a grueling schedule, it can be hard. That's why Adore J'atore was the perfect solution for me. I don't always have time to sit in a salon and I sometimes take  trips without my stylist. The quality of Adore J'atore hair is so awesome it always lasts when I'm on the road traveling. Plus, its not easy to find great quality hair that matches my hair color! Maintanence is easy and my hair always looks great!

Media Personality/Artist/Host of 'The Ko Show' on 92Q/92.3FM


I must say Adore J'atore is the best hair I have ever had! I love it so much I can wear it straight or curly and Ms.Que did a fantastic job putting my weave in! I have had my hair for months and it's like I just bought it yesterday definitely top quality!
Thanks so much Adore J'atore

TaRhonika V.


I have been using Adore Jatore  virgin hair for about 2 yrs now. It's my #1 preferred choice for my clients and myself. I have never had a complaint about any of the hair that I have sold to my clients. It's tangle free, great quality and 100% virgin unprocessed hair. The hair can withstand all types of hair coloring. I've done extensive permanent hair coloring on clients hair and even after coloring hair remains strong, tangle free, and there was no shedding. Adore Jatore has been the first company that I've been apart of where the hair has always been consistent in its quality and always available on hand whenever I needed. Best Indian hair there is hands down.

Tiara W.


So I will be the first one to tell you I have had horrible sew-in weaves in the past!! I decided I  would never do it again, but we all know weaves are beautiful, so I had to give sew-ins another try! My second time was not as bad as my first but it wasn't a Que unique weave!!!! I was going to give up on the whole sew-in weave thing all together then I heard about Unique Hair Experience on my radio so I had to look them up and the weaves were beautiful!!! I have natural hair so I always thought I couldn't get that beautiful look without relaxing my hair, but looking through all the beautiful photos I knew I had to try it at least once. I am so glad I made that move because I have been wearing weaves by Que for more than a year now and it is the best weave I have ever had in my life and I recommend her to everyone I meet. No one can tell its a weave, the hair is beautiful, soft, and amazing not to mention I've been using same hair over & over!!!! My husband forgets I have a weave sometimes I think even though he keeps his hands in my hair. I love, love, love my Adore J'atore curly hair and Que is so amazing with styling and creating every look I can possible imagine so that I am always happy when I leave her shop!!! If you have never had the Adore J'atore hair or Unique Weave , then you have def never had an AMAZING weave, treat yourself, it's worth every penny!!!!

Brandi Becton

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